Richard Aspinall - Maine Trails Guide Service 


For our first time paddlers, a canoe trip through the Maine wilderness is often a magical and life changing experience.  Canoe tripping may very well become your vacation of choice. If you are a seasoned tripper, Maine Trails Guide Service can provide you with an experience that will give you the feeling of exploration you had on your first canoe trip.  

Developing these experiences is an important part of our philosophy.  It is through the wild places that our trips will travel; therefore, safety and encouraging an appreciation to lessen our impact on these areas are of the greatest importance to us.  We would hope that all party members partake in the adventure (including helping out with the portages and camp chores).   This is the best way for us to teach you the skills required for a wilderness backcountry trip.  Along the way we will show you how to start a cooking fire, how to set up a tent, and how to read a trail map.  We will share with you the history of the waterway or park, look for wildlife, and point out many places of interest.  Above all, we try to foster a greater understanding and respect for our quickly diminishing wilderness.

We will provide you with the equipment and the knowledge you will need to make your experience memorable.  Maine Trails Guide Service will supply transportation to and from the waterway, all meals, tents, kitchen & camp equipment, First Aid and repair kits.  A detailed packing list is sent before each trip to assist with items that are required for the trip.

Paddling and safety instruction are part of every trip, and each day your guides will conduct a brief, but thorough safety and orientation session.  Throughout the trip, your guides are eager to be of assistance, answer your questions, supply information, and coach you to bring out and sharpen your paddling skills.  We start our days early and finish as early in the afternoon as possible, allowing for plenty of time to explore, relax, swim or fish. 

There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes when you have brought yourself to a place that is remote and experienced by few others.  Whether you are a first time paddler, or an experienced wilderness tripper, Maine Trails Guide Service can help to make your trip a memorable experience.

We see it on the faces of the people who enjoy our rivers and their landscape: recreation and relaxation, exhilaration and enthusiasm.  Some are soothed, others challenged.  Others challenge the river.  All find a special magic in paddling their canoes through the water.

Our groups vary in size: usually six to twelve guests, more like a group of friends traveling together than a guided tour, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere and personal attention to each guest.  Returning guests are a testimony to the quality of our wilderness adventures.  We'll be happy to furnish you with references from around the country.

No previous experience or special skills are needed to join us on one of our canoe or backpacking vacations, just a true spirit of adventure and a desire to have fun.   We've guided folks of every age group, from children to grandparents with skills ranging from beginner to expert, and we always look forward to each and every trip as if it were our first!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and show you some of Maine's greatest treasures!   


Russell Pond